Being in a unique position to be able to ‘tell it how it is’ from behind the Wall of Autism, is what inspired me to become a motivational speaker.  I now want to share with others my own experiences, and inspire them too.

My presentations tell others that they must also look beyond the ‘wrapping paper’ in those they meet with disabilities, to enable them to make any real connection, and to reach their potential. My Presentation is an introduction to the ‘inside’ me, my view, my experiences and achievements, and a challenge to my audience to see those who have a disability, differently. My presentation is tailored to the audience and includes many interesting photographs and anecdotes from my journey through life.  It grips everyone’s attention and I offer an interactive question and answer time at the end.

I present using ‘PowerPoint’ and ‘PowerTalk’, a laptop and a digital projector, and am able to introduce myself and answer questions via Facilitated Communication Training and ‘WordQ’.  ‘PowerTalk’ and ‘WordQ’ are both programs that speak the typewritten word and enable my audience to both see and hear everything I ‘say’ on the computer.

Some of the feedback I have received:

“Thank-you for sharing today, Lou. You have made me a better person.”

“I loved the photos showing the various stages of Louisa’s development.”

“I would like to see Louisa sell and share her poetry and writing as she is extremely talented.”

You’re very inspiring! Thank-you.”

“Louisa, you are a great motivational speaker. Thank-you for sharing your story. You have great skills.”

“It’s been a very good presentation and I’d love to see or hear it again. That was a lovely presentation to have seen.”

“I’m so happy to have seen this presentation. It would be so nice to go back to Africa and share this experience with my friends.”

“It was well prepared and presented.”

“If possible it would be good to go around to different communities or around the world. People can learn more about her.”


Dear Louisa


I wanted to write to you to tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation at the CRU workshop in October, 2010.  Although I have been to many conferences about Autism and other disabilities, I felt very moved by your words and the courage you showed in telling the audience about your experiences.……Please continue to present and to tell people your story.  It is a very important story to hear, and you give hope to parents like me who need to keep positive in supporting and loving their child.

Just found your [website] and I want to thank you.  As a mother of a beautiful, amazing, brilliant 11-year-old (who happens to be non-verbal autistic, to me it is but a facet of her life), I appreciate anyone who speaks for her.  Louisa, your poetry is beautiful, and the joy you share is contagious.  I no longer rely on professionals for ‘insight’, since the only true insight comes from those living similar experiences.  So, individuals such as yourself are greatly sought after by mums: non-verbals who are the bridge for us between the seemingly unknowable child we are blessed with, and the very capable adult we are convinced our child is able to be.
In a photo in your gallery, it asks if I see the autism or the person.  I see the person, I see my daughter.  Please take a moment to remember that you have much to be proud of, and many individuals listening as you speak for them.  Thank you.