About Louisa

My name is Louisa Jensen.  I was born in 1989, and live with my family in Brisbane, Australia.  I was two when I was diagnosed with Autism and Dyspraxia, meaning every day I live with enormous challenges.  Since then I have also been diagnosed with Epilepsy and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I am unable to communicate verbally or to plan and control my movement effectively.  Despite this, my life has been like many other peoples’, with  many challenges, but also many achievements.  It has been rich with family, friends and experiences.

Autism is a camouflage to a mind that thinks and says intelligent things, and a body forced to look and behave in strange ways.  When I was four years old, I was given the opportunity to communicate via Facilitated Communication.  This gives me more control over my movements so I can point to communicate.


I  attended both regular Primary and High Schools with the support of trained facilitators, graduating successfully in Modern History, Pre-vocational Mathematics and Communication English.

For two years I attended TAFE, successfully completing courses in Vocational Literacy, Vocational Skills Development, and Skills for the Future.  I enjoy writing, especially  Poetry and Prose.   My poems are for sale via this website,  both individually and in my books I have published.  I have even had a poem published in a book which showcased the art of autistic people from all over the world.


I have always wanted to help people understand that life for a nonverbal autistic person is not how it seems. I want inspire others and make a difference by educating people about life behind the wall of Autism. My  motivational speaking business enables me to deliver presentations about my life experiences. I aim to encourage individuals with life challenges  to reach their full potential by never giving up and being willing to trying new things. 

Presenting to students about life behind the wall of Autism

Presenting to students about life behind the wall of Autism

Through my presentations, I also want to motivate families, students, carers and professionals to look behind the disability a person may have, and see possibilities rather than just the limitations. The responses I have received from my presentations are extremely positive, and I plan to continue to expand my audiences worldwide.

I hope my business will also provide me with an income to make me financially independent. I am facing many challenges in trying to reach this goal. I need a lot of money to properly establish my  Motivational Speaking business and I am not able to get a bank loan.   I need a home office, a space apart from the family dining table, to work from, and I need more funding to pay for support staff.  I need donations from kind interested people, to help me to reach my potential, while helping others at the same time.

Please use the PRESENTATIONS tab to read more about my motivational presentations, take the time to peruse my BROCHURE, and read, enjoy, and purchase my poems. All enquires and comments are welcome and can be made via the CONTACT ME page. And don’t forget to sign up for my newsletters to KEEP IN TOUCH with all my latest achievements.  As I said before, “You won’t be disappointed!”