What am I doing?


People think  I look worried  when I frown sometimes or wave my fingers in front of my face. Sometimes, yes, I am worried, but lots of other times I just am thinking or adjusting to a new mindset. Then there are times I need a bit of safety zone to process a new thought or situation. Often it is just am automatic action while I process information. I don’t worry all the time!


I have a lot of sensory disturbances…..

I don’t experience things the same way as most people seem to. I have a lot of sensory disturbances. To fully process anything I need to have information from at least three senses. These are touch, visual, and sound for instructions;  sound, sight and smelling for sensing people that I meet; and  sight, touch and sound for trying to speak. I live with sensory disturbances so I need the extra input to experience most things.

Why do I click my teeth a lot?

I click my teeth together lots because it is a bad habit. I like the loud sound inside my head. I like the loud clacking because it drowns out other noises and makes me just hear myself, with other sounds gone.  I do this when I am bit crowded with a sensory overload. It is equivalent to poking my eye.

Why do I have such impulsive movements?

I have dyspraxia. Having dyspraxia means I have trouble learning proper control over my movements and suddenly I have to jump, run, flap or shriek impulsively. Because of this I look a lot more disabled than my brain is. My body is much more affected, and I need constant prompting to safely make controlled behaviours.

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FAQ – Why do I drink so much Coke?

This column is to answer common questions about Autistic and related behaviours. Have you ever wondered why I, or someone like me, does something? Ask me via the contacts page!

I am an obsessive person who becomes grossly frustrated when I see something out of order. This can be a drink half drunk, even if it’s someone else’s, or a good bottle of Coke left in the fridge. This possesses my mind and I have to finish the drink or bottle.  I get satisfaction making order out of chaos and I face frustration when I am not able to do this.

When life gets disordered or more challenging than normaI, I become more obsessed to feel in control again. In a perfect world life would run in order without me having to worry about. So if I ever finish your half-drunk drink, know that this disorder upsets me too!

FAQ – Why do I poke my eye ?

To make my actions accountable is a difficult task to accomplish!  People see me with my finger up to my eye and they think it is a habit for helping me concentrate. This is a simple answer to the question.

If I really want to study something I play with my sight to find the different colours and shapes it makes. Listening to sounds always works much better when I force brainpower to my ears rather than my eyes, so I block my sight.  If I am a bit worried and stressed I look at pretty shapes made with my eye when I poke it and then I get something to concentrate on, to make me ‘anaesthetised’ and not worried any more.

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How does facilitation/touch help me point to words quicker?


When I communicate by pointing to letters on a board, I can be a lot more accurate and a lot faster if there is someone there touching my arm or hand. This method of communication is called Facilitated Communication (FC).
FC treats my dyspraxia. I get an action block between my brain and my limbs and I have difficulty locating my finger with my brain to point to things. With FC a touch on my hand or arm helps me to locate my finger and therefore opens the message block.

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Why Don’t I Look When I Use FC?


Why do I do that? – Not looking when I communicate with FC.

FCing with my sister

People ask why I look all around when I use FCT to communicate. There are many reasons why. One reason is because if I get focused on the letters too much I can forget the words I was saying. Basically, I get distracted by all the letters and numbers in front of my eyes so I can’t concentrate on what I was going to say.

Another reason is that it is harder to focus my attention if I feel nervous. Probably the main reason is because Dyspraxia is a movement disorder. Eye movements are also affected by dyspraxia. I need to look away to satisfy a movement urge pretty often.

Also, I can usually remember where the letters are so I don’t need to look all the time. People like Mum remind me now and then to look at the board, or else move the board around to make me keep checking. That is so I am more accurate, but also it convinces doubtful onlookers that I’m the one communicating. This is a bit annoying but I know it needs to happen so it helps people believe in me and have  faith in FCT.

I hope this helps to answer one of the more frequently asked questions!